[INTERVIEW] Yong Junhyung, Kim Jaejoong, and Zico - Idol? Artist? We don’t need to make the difference

Interview with idol representatives of “composer-idols”… “the salary is a secret…shall we compose together?” 

“My stylist dressed me younger-looking today. In case I looked older than these guys….”(Kim Jaejoong)

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (28) casually walked into the photo shoot complaining. Younger BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and Block B’s Zico smiled awkwardly saying, “We don’t have young looking face though…”

The image of the three of them standing together made them look like a team for sure.

“Since we have one vocal singer and two rappers, we can make a team. Jaejoong, Yong Junhyung, Jiho (Zico’s real name) initials together make JYJ. Hahaha.” 

The similarity between them is the fact that they are “idol singers with composing abilities.” They don’t get their name placed in the album credits just by muttering the melody, but they are Korean music industry’s “copyright idols” who can easily compose-write-edit music for their own albums and even give songs to other artists.

According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, Kim Jaejoong composed/wrote 37 songs, Yong Junhyung 60 songs, and Zico 46 songs.

Recently, at the interview in one recording studio located in Samsungdong, the three of them looked very close. Yong Junhyung had a rap featuring in Kim Jaejoong’s song “Don’t Walk Away” last year and Zico had worked with Yong Junhyung on an album before his debut in Block B. Maybe it was because they were all music composers, but they were all happy saying, “it’s fun because we get to be together.”

Zico stated, “It’s crazy that I’m here right now. I remember being in a talent show during grade school with the song “The Way You Are” and during my second year in middle school with the song “Rising Sun”. When I was studying abroad in China, DBSK popularity was so big.” 

“Recently I was feeling down so was drinking alone around 3~4AM, but then I got a call from Jaejoong hyung. Hyung told me that he was drinking alone too and came to join me. He is someone who will understand all of me when I don’t say a word, so I think we feel the same things.” (Yong Junhyung)

Kim Jaejoong said, “There are times when Junhyungie will look sad. So when I met him I told him that he looked good when he smiles.” Zico added along, “I think hyungs are people who enjoy sad emotions.”

◇ “The reason why I stated composing…”

Each one of them had a different reason for composing.

Kim Jaejoong had been writing song before JYJ, during his DBSK days. He would secretly share his own compositions on his MP3 in the waiting rooms. His first composition to be on an album was “Love Don’t Cry” which was placed on DBSK’s 4th album in 2008. 

“Since I was a singer, I wanted to sing a song that had my own message. In the beginning, it was half out of curiosity and the other half was enjoyment. I was first interested in arrangement. It was because the song changes into a different song based on how you arrange it.” (Kim Jaejoong)

Yong Junhyung started making songs during his trainee days to escape the suffocating dorm life and repetitive days. “I would ask to for permission to visit Shinsadong Tiger’s studio and leave.”

He explained, “Watching composer hyungs work looked as if they were enjoying a game. When I told them that I wanted to try too they told me to start writing first. After I started writing a bit, I wanted to make melodies and then I moved on to full tracks.” 

Zico wanted to be “high technician” as a rapper. He didn’t even dream of being a composer. However, because his past company didn’t have a producer available, he decided that he would have to take charge.

“Back then I couldn’t handle MIDI programs and I got tracks from other people. I went to classes with my own money and learned programs like Logic and Cubase. I realized that I had to learn it in order to talk to composers who were making the tracks for me. And then I got greedy and then make the track for Block B’s first album, “Nilriri Mambo”. (Zico) 

Composing songs ranging from dance, ballad, pop, hip hop, rock, and more, they each had their way of composing.

For Kim Jaejoong who composes alone at home, when he puts his mind to it, he would just make songs with a notebook and a piano. He formulates the style of the song by making the melody and adds in the lyrics at the end.

When Yong Junhyung doesn’t have schedules, he would head to his studio to talk with his friends and when he gets an idea, he would start writing. He would always choose the song title first.

Yong Junhyung explained, “Because you need the public’s approval, you need to be able to compromise to some extent. The basic sound might be electronic, but you might have to replace with piano or guitar for that melodic acoustic sound. Or if the track is pop genre, then you need to find the right melody for that.

For Zico, who got his own studio 3 months ago in Seochodong, he makes a track with rhythm and loop. Then he adds in the melody and last writes his lyrics.

They all agreed, “The order might be different, but the process we go through is the same. Even though it might be really good song written by a different person, we don’t get tempted to just simply work off it. We have an open mind.”

Lyrics are usually based off experiences. When Yong Junhyung said that he pushed for having ‘Caffeine’ as BEAST’s Yang Yoseob’s solo title song, Zico and Jaejoong joked, “isn’t it because you put in your own break up experience in the song?”

“It’s experience mixed with imagination. Haha.” (Yong Junhyung)

“Now you mention that, the lyrics to your solo song ‘Flower’ seems more like your real life than ‘Caffeine’….”(Kim Jaejoong, Zico)

◇ “First copyright pay was few hundreds…it should be fun if we all compose together” 

They each evaluated each others musical strengths.

“Zico is someone who can rap really well and his idea for the hook part of the song is amazing to the point I get jealous of it.” (Yong Junhyung) 

“My music might be stimulating, but it has a lot of flaws. But for Jaejoong hyung his arrangement melody is succinct and distinct that it paves a road for perfect singing. Also, writing is just as important as composing, and the fact that all the lyrics appear in Junhyung hyung’s mind is amazing.” (Zico) 

Kim Jaejoong added, “I’m not the only fan of them but even close friends of mine are fans of Junhyung and Zico. It’s because their skill and intuition is like no other.”

There was also an idea that it would be fun if they collaborated all together.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I am totally honored and welcoming of this.”

“One person can make the track and then the three of us can make the melody and rap. Or we can all just meet to work on the track. I think it will be really fun.” (Yong Junhyung) 

Their copyright salary increased with the fact they were popular idol singers and that they started making their own hit songs. They looked at each other with the expression that it was uncomfortable to talk about how much they made.

Zico smiled saying. “Before debuting in Block B and when I used to be active in the indie music industry at the age of 18, the first amount I made was 150 dollars. Compared to that, now I make much more thankfully.”

Yong Junhyung started to say, “When I first used to compose for BEAST’s debut album, I made about 100-200 dollars. Back then I didn’t even know about things like copyright money.” Kim Jaejoong added, “I think I made more than that…”

Even though they make different amounts, they all have to watch out for plagiarism. Last year, the music industry suffered a lot from this issue.

Yong Junhyung commented honestly, “You can easily add another melody to your song without knowing so not having any thought is really scary. By monitoring other songs, I inspect my own songs. However, I think about how the melody I made could have been made many years ago on the opposite side of the world and realize if it’s really possible to make a whole new song.”

Kim Jaejoong said, “I don’t think about plagiarism and just make songs according to the inspirations I get. However, if you have the same melody, rhythm, and loop, that is questionable. It’s really hard to get the same beat in all three of those.”

◇ Line between artist and idol…”the prejudice is disappointing”

After 2 hours into the interview, the topic turned to the reality of idol singers.

In Korea, idols are often admired and at the same time they are easily the subject of criticism. Especially, when you get the idol title in your name, you have the tendency to be looked down upon by other musicians. Because of this, management companies emphasize the fact that the members participated in composing and writing in order to add the artist and musician image.

If that is the case, these guys are on the line between idol and artists.

Zico explained, “I feel like the words like idol and artist are completely removed of their definitions and we use it to fit our language. I think it’s a disappointment to see that by being an idol or wearing sunglasses, you are judged even more. Members who are good at singing or rapping tend to outshine others who compose well in different conditions.”

Yong Junhyung who was nodding his head at Zico’s words joined.

“I’m grateful that people see me as an artist or an idol, but I don’t want to be defined by that. I will continue to work hard until people realized my music abilities and this is something that I can’t infuse on to the public.” (Yong Junhyung)

The oldest hyung, Kim Jaejoong, who passed his 10 years since debut last year said a transparent answer.

He said, “Management companies debut idol singers in order to make them stars and that’s what we wanted. But, if you wanted to become successful by being called a musician, this is not the way to debut and you should have chosen a different path. So in the end, you shouldn’t be feeling too disappointed about it.” 

Now that some of them had experiences in producing, would they ever dream about being Yang Hyunseok (YG) or Park Jinyoung (JYP) in the future?

Yong Junhyung said, “I think I can see my future in a producer who makes music and assign concepts, not a producer who owns a company.” 

Zico said, “I agree” and Kim Jaejoong laughed saying, “I will have to see once I get older.”

After the interview, the three of them headed to a samgeupsal (Korean pork BBQ) restaurant. When the youngest Zico started cooking the meat, he took a picture with his phone saying that he was cute.

“I really like cooking the meat, but I guess Zico took my utensil today. Haha.” (Kim Jaejoong)


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[INFO] 020714 ‘I Live Alone’ program information

Defcon and Yang Yoseob head on their outing to the winter snow, special meeting between the big eater and the small eater!

This day started with Defcon’s suggestion to take out Yoseob, who is usually busy on a daily basis and when he has a break, he usually stays at home.

Defcon said, “We need to help each other as Rainbow club members,” as he took Yang Yoseob to a ski resort located outside of Seoul. The two members could not handle their excitement traveling in such a long time.

However, the happiness was short lasted as Yang Yoseob raised his white flag against the food lover Defcon. Watching Defcon inhale his food down saying, “the best part about traveling is going to all the best restaurants,” Yang Yoseob commented, “It was like watching a food fighter,” as he watched with surprised and amazed eyes.


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[NEWS] 021614 Yanggaengi fan cafe page, Yang Yoseob’s puppy Yanggaengi “popularity explosion”

Yanggaengi’s fan cafe page is increasing in popularity.

BEAST’s member Yang Yoseob had gained attention through the introduction of his new pet Yanggaengi on MBC’s program “I Live Alone.”

Yang Yoseob revealed on the show, “It’s been about a month and a half since he joined the family” and “It is my first time raising a puppy, so I studied really hard.”

On the program Yang Yoseob added, “There a lot of things I want to do with him as well as train him. I don’t notice that I’m lonely that much anymore too.” Yang Yoseob also brought smiles on viewers faces as he displayed how he establishes the hierarchy in the house. 

After the show, the attention for Yanggaengi from the fans grew as well. The new puppy got a personal fan cafe page and continues to gain popularity just like another star would.

The fan cafe reached 3,000 members on February 6th at 10 o’ clock and many posts for Yanggaengi continues to increase.


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  • Seo Eunkwang: Kind hearted, goes to church, knowledgeable, has double eye lid, big pretty eyes, thick lips, thin waist line, doesn't care about the height but only has to love him, hair over one ear stylish girl
  • Lee Minhyuk: Full of aegyo, lovely eye smile, small face, tall height and takes care of herself well, good toned body from working out, has the cat/dog face look alike, loved by everyone, kind, clear skin, pretty teeth
  • Lee Changseob: Small egg shaped head, long straight or wavy hair, 165cm with tennis shoes on, slim S line, not too high of a nose, naturally puffy lips, pretty eye smile, more positive and optimist than him, white jade like skin, someone who can lead him
  • Lim Hyunsik: Not the ordinary person, big pretty eyes with a double eye lid, dresses in her own fashion different from others, only sexy in front of me, not too thin, someone who he can learn a lot from and fill his lacking parts
  • Peniel: Doesn't have one
  • Jung Ilhoon: Pretty, husky voice, tough personality, older than him
  • Yook Sungjae: Cute and caring, takes the intiative, black long hair, sexy to others but tries hard to look cute to him, pretty belly button, slim and glamorous (Shin Minah)
  • NOTE: This is a complied information of all the various interviews/shows about their ideal types. The specific female stars have been mentioned via interviews/shows as well. Please do not use the information in a bad way.
+ 32
  • Kim Sunggyu: Perfect, pale skin, sexy and cute, has to look cold (ice princess like), shows her fail sides a little as well, communicate well with her (Soya, Han Gain, Han Yeseul)
  • Jang Dongwoo: Looks good in any hair and any clothing styles, full of aegyo, pretty when she laughs, takes care of him well, knows him better than he does, cute (Changes his ideal types a lot)
  • Nam Woohyun: Older than him, bright and tough with humor, looks pretty eating rice with a spoon, short hair, full of aegyo, sweet, kind to elderly, always smiles well, sexy and cute style (Han Seungyeon, Taeyeon, Hyuna)
  • Hoya: Fluent in a foreign language, can communicate with each other well, funny, thin, sexy, has a fun 4D personality, someone who he can look up to (Kim Yuna)
  • Lee Sungyeol: Doesn't act too feminine, tough and nice to his parents, can take care of this children (future kids) well, pretty eyes (Taeyeon)
  • L: Naive girl with long wave hair
  • Lee Sungjong: Kind, good manners, is able to understand him, interesting personality and funny (Park Bom)
  • NOTE: This is a complied information of all the various interviews/shows about their ideal types. The specific female stars have been mentioned via interviews/shows as well. Please do not use the information in a bad way.
+ 12
  • GO: Attractive until the age of 30, works hard when she is doing her own work, has a pretty 4th finger nail on her left hand (Shin Minah, UEE)
  • Seungho: Doesn’t matter about the eye size, but has pretty look in her eyes so that I am able to communicate with her just by looking at them (Jeon Jiyoon)
  • Lee Joon: Prefers a sweet naive girl with a kind smile like a bear over someone sly like a fox, looks just at him and kind of clingy for him, shares same emotions, doesn’t lie, kind (Kim Yeonah)
  • Thunder: Someone who is emotionless usually, but when she smile she lights up in cuteness, small, adorable, and stylish (Sohee, Lee Hyori)
  • Mir: Small, pretty feet, cute and adorbale with short hair, eyes are on the small side, but still attractive nonetheless, clean armpits (Taeyeon, Jeon Hyosung, Ha Jooyeon)
  • NOTE: This is a complied information of all the various interviews/shows about their ideal types. The specific female stars have been mentioned via interviews/shows as well. Please do not use the information in a bad way.
+ 87
  • Yoon Doojoon: I would get a "love-at-first-sight" feeling, she would look calm and naive on the outside, but tough and tomboyish, I want to be able to watch soccer games with her (Heo Gayoon, Hyoyeon, Yoon Seungah)
  • Yang Yoseob: Cute with long hair, 160~2cm in height and is able to laugh with me / share the same humor code (IU)
  • Yong Junhyung: Pretty, tall, and silm, but also glamourous. Her face is small and has black hair that is viewable from the back. It would be nice if she has a nice personality, but if she is cold she just has to be nice to me
  • Lee Kikwang: Kind hearted with big eyes, sexy style, her face would be round with baby fat on her cheeks, beautiful smile, someone who can make him protein shakes after working out (Jeon Hyosung, Hyuna)
  • Jang Hyunseung: Pretty shaped head, pale skin with big eyes (double eye lid), slim and tall around 170cm (Lee Minjung)
  • Son Dongwoon: Long hair, looks good with top of hair tied up and bottom half down, pretty smile with kind personality, can communicate with her well (Narsha)
  • NOTE: This is a complied information of all the various interviews/shows about their ideal types. The specific female stars have been mentioned via interviews/shows as well. Please do not use the information in a bad way.
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  • Fan: Oppa doesn't your head hurt if you are constantly on your phone as you are waiting?
  • Yoseob: I'm not constantly on it as I am waiting....☆★
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa do you hear my heart beating for you? kekekekekeke Thump thump.
  • Yoseob: Specify which "oppa" you are talking about '-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa if you look at my post... I want to tell you that I love you no matter what. I love you endlessly.
  • Yoseob: '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' Me too
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa do you remember me? We made eye contact at the Yangyang concert stage. From the standing audience near the stage, I was the girl with bangs and long curly hair and I was screaming with my mouth covered... never mind if you don't remember me
  • Yoseob: There are so many b2uties with bangs and long curly hair and scream with their mouth covered.. '-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Why am I like this all of the sudden! You make me nervous//@@
  • Yoseob: '-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: If you are really Yoseob oppa come on! Are you really Yoseob oppa? Do you remember the magic marker from Busan fan signing? You didn't look goo then so I was scared and worried...
  • Yoseob: I was never feeling down during a fan signing '-' If I looked like that I'm sorry. I'll apologize. Please accept my apology '-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa did you come to see me? Oppa you came to see me right? I know it all /shy/
  • Yoseob: Uh sorry that's not it '-'-'-'-'-'-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: I'm mad. Oppa I'm really mad... they... they just keep saying that I'm ugly... I'll be back after plastic surgery...
  • Yoseob: Who said that you were ugly? Bring them to me '-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Don't you hear something burning? My heart is burning...
  • Yoseob: What kind of plan is this '-'-'-'-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Wow are you discriminating against me? Are you not commenting because I'm not beautiful and I am a b2uty?
  • Yoseob: I have not seen your face '-'-'-'-' But no, don't think like that '-'-'-'-'
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa what's your favorite ice cream?
  • Yoseob: You are sweet ice cream I will melt you '-'-'-'-'-' (Hyuna's 'Ice Cream' lyrics)
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: How about this emoticon instead? Because '-' this one is so blank face, how about ^-^ or him with the wavy lips ^~^!!! Or not if you don't want!
  • Yoseob: Yup no '-'
+ 64
  • Fan: What should I title this... Oppas I must really like you all!
  • Yoseob: You guys are so cute
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: If you were a girl oppa, which one of the members would you want to date? I'm really curious!
  • Yoseob: Yang Yoseob of course.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: School is starting and I want a music teacher like you Yoseob oppa
  • Yoseob: I want to be something else than the music teacher. Um... what should be good for me?
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: I have school tomorrow, but I can't sleep... What should I do to sleep? I have a scary teach for first period too... What if I fall asleep?
  • Yoseob: First, lay down with the lights turned off. And if you throw you phone all the way over there and close your eyes, then the sleep will come to you
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Yoseob oppa! There is a strange rumor circulating around! This is not right... it's already the first day of school! This is like saying that Yoseob oppa has reached 180cm!
  • Yoseob: That's right. I am actually 180cm, but it was too tall so I made it a smaller number.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa give me some strength. I'm going to school tomorrow...
  • Yoseob: Strength
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppaaaaa. Tomorrow my friends are going into college, but I'm retaking senior year in high school. But I believe that I'll be able to go into a better school if I work even harder this year... Oppa I miss you so much... Hing if I want to see you from Daegu, I guess I have take a day off to make a visit up there. Oppa I really really love you! mwah mwah mwah
  • Yoseob: Mwah mwah mwah
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa I miss you. I wonder what you are doing right now. I miss you!
  • Yoseob: I'm writing replies.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa come in here! I miss you. Oppa don't you miss me?
  • Yoseob: Of course I miss you.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa I keep getting blisters on my lips. What should I do to prevent them?
  • Yoseob: Stop kissing.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Why don't you look at my post? I'm mad at you
  • Yoseob: I looked ohoho
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Really? Are you really Yoseob oppa? Huh I'm getting a heart attack
  • Yoseob: Really.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Save me. First day of classes and my first class is art. What should I do... Oppa you are confident in that class right?
  • Yoseob: I'm not confident. keke
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa, for a talent show act with my friends, we decided to 'Caffeine'!! We can't sing as well as you do, but we have to try out our best right? I think that if you cheer us on, we will do better even though that is just probably going to be a dream for me. Anyways I love you oppa!
  • Yoseob: Oooo. Fighting cuz you are like a caffeine
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: If you look at this post I will give you my height! I love you... hull.
  • Yoseob: I don't even need a lot, just 5cm!
+ 94
  • Fan: How did it feel after it was confirmed that you were going to be promoting solo? I was just wondering
  • Yoseob: Pressure. Stress. It was not a joke...
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa if you click this post I heard that you will grow taller... kekekekekekeke Oppa on the google hangout videos or in pictures, you are constantly on your phone. What do you do on it usually? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Yoseob: Hey why aren't I growing taller huh?????????????????? Internet or games!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa tell me the truth. You are scared that fans are posting here because of you right?
  • Yoseob: Yes this is not what I had in mind.... kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa what do you think about derping? I am the queen of derp.......haha /_/
  • Yoseob: I think I just derped....kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeㅜㅜㅜㅜThis wasn't supposed to happen ㅜㅜㅜㅜ This..ㅜㅜㅜㅜNo ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: Oppa you didn't actually thing that b2uties were only going to post 100 replies right? kekekekekekekeke Do you know how many fans you guys have? kekekekekeke
  • Yoseob: Did I ask for too much hoping that you guys will each post 100...?kekekekekekekekekekeㅜㅜㅜㅜThis isn't it ㅜㅜㅜ I didn't want 100 replies, I wanted to answer someone's 100 questions...kekekekekekeke
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: There it's okay I give up trying to get a response from you. Just understand my heart....★ Do you love me because I love you
  • Yoseob: ... I am thinking about giving up too ㅜㅜㅜThis isn't going the way I planned..kekekekeke
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: I'm begging you please. Please make a twitter again. B2uties probably all want this. Please? And with Hyunseung oppa too...and reply soonerㅜ Are you going to make the b2uties wait?
  • Yoseob: I don't really want it at this time! I miss my mention parties, but that's why I'm doing this..kekekekeke
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fan: The Cube goods are all so expensive ㅠㅠㅠ Which one do you like the best??
  • Yoseob: The slogan I made
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I’ll protect you more. If there is a ray of light, that’s you. It’s you. Welcome, this is black paradise. Red and black crows cry out loud. Ain’t no tomorrow, live today like your last.

BEAST - Black Paradise Cut

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August 14th, 2012

August 14th, 2012. BEAST is driving from the MBC 2012 DMZ Peace Concert to the KBS2 London Olympic Welcoming Ceremony. The drive it about 2 hours long, but they were behind schedule and on top of that, the rain was pouring down. About 30 minutes later of driving in that horrible weather they finally arrive at the London Olympic Welcoming Ceremony and perform last. Now, where is the problem in this you ask? It was the fact that BEAST performed last, after SHINee had performed. If you guys didn’t know, the artist who close the show in any music program or festival is considered the “most” important. On the cue sheet for the London Olympic Welcoming Ceremony, the order was “BEAST-SHINee-Shin Moonhee” however when it was broadcasted live, the order was “Shin Moonhee-SHINee-BEAST” In addition, SHINee didn’t even get a proper introduction before their live performance and in a rehearsal video that went around, SHINee’s song was played during BEAST’s turn creating an uproar between the fans. So for about 2 days, there were negative comments going around the two groups fans. 

KBS finally stated their position through inquiry email one of the fans sent out. KBS stated, "The change of orders during the live show happened due to a mistake one of the MCs made. Also, the rehearsal order changes were made because we were taking into account the rain and amount of traffic to affect their arrival time." In a tweet from KBS Exclusive TV it stated, “On this day, BEAST and SHINee had been performing at different festivals as well. The two groups barely made it on time to Yeoido drying the blood of the staff members. Thankfully, the two groups were able to finish their stages professionally, recieving applause from the Olympic athletes. (Fans please don’t misunderstand ~ Both groups showed off amazing stage in the rain.)”

Despite these messages, the two fandoms continued to exchange hatred/negative comments and some fans directed it straight to the members themselves and this is where Yoseob’s tweet comes in.

Hello. This is BEAST’s Yoseob. I didn’t have enough time to monitor anything, but now I just went through all the tweets and understood.. The reason we can say that “BEAST wasn’t late” is because of the fact that we got there in time for the live show. It rained a lot that day and we were stuck traffic, but first of all, we tried really hard not to arrive late. However, it is true that we didn’t arrive at the time we were supposed to be on the stage. We should have apologized sooner, but I didn’t know things were going to get this bad and I feel embarrassed and sorry for closing my eyes and ears acting as if nothing was wrong. I will apologize as a representative of BEAST… I’m sorry. The tweet I posted before was a tweet I wrote because I thought that B2UTIES were having a hard time with negative posts. I hope you guys don’t misunderstand. To be honest, I don’t know how you guys will take this tweet in. However, I apologize for being late and apologizing this late. I apologize for everything. To SHINee sunbaenims and their fans, I am genuinely sorry. Lastly, I hope that things don’t get bigger because of this post. Thank you for reading this long post.

Translation Credits: @B2STLYTWEETS

KBS already acknowledged the fact that it was a mistake on their part. But, Yang Yoseob stood up as an representative of BEAST to apologize for something that wasn’t even their fault to begin with. Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to feel right now? Anger? Frustration? don’t even know anymore. Anyways I’ll leave this here with a tweet from Yoseob…

I am hungry, but I will not eat and go to sleep because I am sleepy. If I wasn’t sleepy I would have ate right? Since I am hungry too, but I will sleep because I am sleepy. B2uties you guys should think simple minded like me. Too much thinking can cause insomnia. Do you want Hoosidin (Korean ointment)?

Translation Credits: @B2STLYTWEETS

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