I see so much things on BEAST not caring about international b2uties just because they aren’t mentioned in cafe posts and etc. Honestly though, just think of it in their point of view guys.

They were born and raised in South Korea. And eventually, they were given the opportunity to travel the world. I mean who would turn down a great chance like that right?! Especially for BEAST, who’s goal is to let the world know of their name. They travel the world and every town, city, and country they visit has something special that defines that region. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Equestrian Statue in Spain.And etc. In certain cases, the town, city, or country might be even better than their hometown. Yoseob talks about how much he loves ramen from Japan and we all know about Hyunseung’s addiction to In-and-Out in USA. But in the end, the memories and feelings that you get from being back at your hometown is probably irreplaceable. 

BEAST misses Korea. Don’t you guys get home sick too? They aren’t expressing their for love Korean b2uties more. If they did, why does BEAST even bother touring countries? Why do they even bother having goals of being the most recognized group if they love Korea so much and they are doing so well over there. Why would they go through the emotional and physical stress to perform all over the world? There is only one answer and it is that BEAST loves all and every single b2uty. International b2uties complain about how BEAST never visit their country/city and because they love us, they are going through all that emotional and physical stress to stand in front of us and perform. In addition, they have the choice to look at the bad side of it like the lack of sleep, the endless plane rides… But instead they choose to look at the good side of it like the experience they are gaining, the amount of happiness they can give to b2uties…

As the shows went on from the first..to the second, I felt that my mind was holding me up rather than my physical self but.. I was happier than anyone else. - Yang Yoseob

B2UTY&BEAST.. Another week I realized how perfect this combination is. Thank you for cheering me on to endure. - Yang Yoseob

However.. while becoming older year by year… I have started to feel that each day is so precious… being able to sing in front of so many people…The fact that there is people who envy me dream to do what I do, and work hard to achieve that goal.. that I am living my one and only life doing something special.. Thank you so much and I am happy.. - Yoon Doojoon

B2UTIES are one and we are all loved by BEAST.

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